What is Ping Page™?

Subscription Web Pages with Digital Business Cards

Ping Page™ subscription plans offer professional and high-quality web pages with social links and digital business cards that allow you to easily communicate and share anything you want about your business.

What is a Ping Page™ digital business card?

Ping Page™  digital business cards are stored on your smartphone Apple or Google Wallet.  Each Ping Page™ digital business card contains a unique QR code that can be shared with other smartphone users.

What is a Ping Page™ web page?

Each Ping Page™ digital businesss card links to a unique Ping Page™ web page that is designed to easily and efficiently share all of your contact information, website and social platform links and much more.

How to Order?

We have worked hard to make the process as simple as possible for you! 

Simply choose and sign up to your preferred plan, and book your complimentary consultation with one of our designers. We will send you a request to collect the information and files that we will need.  Once you have completed your content submission we will aim to have your chosen Ping Page™ and digital business card ready and published within 14 working days*